Buzzards Bay Geographic Response Plan for Oil Spill Response   

The Buzzards Bay Geographic Response Plan (BBGRP) was originally developed in 2005.  During 2007-2008,  a project was initiated to update the 2005 BBGRP to bring it into alignment with the statewide GRP process developed by MassDEP.  In 2009, the GRP was revised into a slightly different mapping format.  The documents linked below are the final versions of the BBGRP (October 2009).





These GRPs are being periodically tested, and may be updated to reflect lessons learned during deployment exercises.  For information about GRP deployment tests click on the GRP Testing link.
To download a combined .pdf of all the Buzzards Bay GRPs, click here. (220 pages, 22.5MB)


BB-01 Richmond Pond
BB-02 Westport River System
BB-03 Allens Pond
BB-04 Slocum River System
BB-05 Little River System
BB-06 Dartmouth Ponds
BB-07 Apponangansett Bay
BB-08 New Bedford Outer Harbor
BB-09 Fairhaven Shoreline Outer Harbor
BB-10 West Island Causeway
BB-11 Nasketucket Bay
BB-12 Little Bay
BB-13 West Island
BB-14 Brant Island Cove
BB-15 Ram Island
BB-16 Mattapoisett Inner Harbor
BB-17 Mattapoisett Outer Harbor
BB-18 Aucoot Cove
BB-19 Sippican Harbor
BB-20 Bird Island
BB-21 Wings Cove
BB-22 Weweantic River
BB-23 Wareham River
BB-24 Little Harbor
BB-25 Widows Cove
BB-26 Onset Harbor
BB-27 Buttermilk Bay System
BB-28 Back Bay System
BB-29 Tobys Island System
BB-30 Pocasset River System
BB-31 Red Brook Harbor System
BB-32 Squeteague Harbor
BB-33 Rands Harbor
BB-34 Fiddlers Cove
BB-35 Wild Harbor
BB-36 Wild Harbor River
BB-37 Herring Brook
BB-38 West Falmouth Harbor
BB-39 Great Sippewisset Marsh
BB-40 Little Sippewisset Marsh
BB-41 Flume Pond
BB-42 Quissett Harbor
BB-43 Northwest Gutter
BB-44 Uncatena Marsh Creek
BB-45 Hadley Entrance
BB-46 Bridge Inlets
BB-47 Lackeys Bay
BB-48 Tarpaulin Cove
BB-49 West Beach and Kettle Cove
BB-50 Silver Beach

BB-51 Pasque Island Marsh

BB-52 Quicks Hole Pond

BB-53 Cuttyhunk Pond

BB-54 West End Pond

BB-55 Penikese Island

*The Buzzards Bay GRPs were last updated on 11/13/2011.



An initial version of the BBRGP was developed in 2005 through a MassDEP project completed by USCG Sector Southeast New England Area Committee members and Local Responders. The BBGRP was updated in 2007-2008 through a partnership between the ten municipalities surrounding Buzzards Bay, The Coalition for Buzzards Bay, Nuka Research and Planning Group, LLC, and MassDEP. Additional input has been provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Mass Division of Marine Fisheries, and the United States Coast Guard.

The process used to update the BBGRP included presentations to community leaders in each community and input from the general public. Following the presentations, the first responders from each town were organized into work groups and asked to review and make changes to the existing BBGRP. Each work group also surveyed the selected locations within their municipality to verify the appropriateness of each strategy. The presentations, work group meetings, and surveys were facilitated by staff from the Coalition for Buzzards Bay between October of 2007 and February of 2008. The changes to the BBGRP include: modifications to oil spill response tactics to better reflect the capabilities of local responders; the addition of new sites not selected in the original BBGRP project; and additional detail added to equipment lists and access point guides for each strategy. A total of 55 locations were selected for GRP strategies within the ten Buzzards Bay municipalities.

After collecting the data for the BBGRP updates, the project was passed along to Nuka Research and Planning Group, LLC to reformat the strategies to be consistent with other statewide GRP projects. By doing so, all completed and future GRPs for the state of Massachusetts will have a similar format and use consistent terminology thus aiding in a coordinated response across GRP regions to any potential or actual oil spills.